When you’re having a bad day…

I was trying to find something catchy to say to get you to click on the link, because what I’m about to give you is like Gold. I’m about to give you four nuggets of wisdom that took me years to learn.

I’m not one of those people who can allow something to happen and let it roll off my back like it didn’t bother me. I know there are many out there who can just let it roll off their back and not be bothered… kudos to you! But… Unfortunately, God didn’t wire me that way.

I’m such an emotional, sensitive being, and I have come to the realization that God made me this way, because of the calling on my life. I love hard, so when love fails me, it hits hard, but that’s another blog in itself. If I’m having a bad day, you’re going to know; I can’t shake it, my face tells it, my body language shows it, I can’t be intentional and wear a fake smile, I just can’t!

I say all of that to say, that when I had bad days, it really sucked. One bad moment would ruin my whole day. I would soak in this bad day, go to sleep, and try again the next day. My bad days would take over. In my past, this has been very harmful to my being, because, at times, it would take me into depressive states.

I had to learn to train myself not to allow a bad moment to hinder my whole day. So… I came up with a four-step process that I do when I’m having a bad day. I needed something to shake the funk and bring the peace back into my being.

1. I’ve learned to say “I trust you God!” It doesn’t matter the situation; in everything, God will always work it out.
2. Trust the process! This means everything you go through is all part of the process. The process of life. The process of learning something that you didn’t know before. Learning to ask the Holy Spirit to teach you the lesson that needs to be learned it the situation.
3. Change your thoughts. It’s easy to let negative thoughts run crazy in your mind, and that can bring you to insanity. But, if you can learn to stop the negative thoughts as soon as they enter and insert a positive thought, you will start to see how a normal situation that used to bother you, doesn’t bother you anymore.
4. Let peace reign in your life. This is the most important because there could be a storm, but you can still have peace. In the midst of the storm, when you fully trust God, you can find peace in knowing that He is going to work it all out for you good. Eventually, it all ends up working out in the end exactly the way it needed too.

This is not some deep theological post, its four simple steps, to get your mind back right. To get your spirit back right. It’s hard at first, but it gets easier the more you practice it. The Lord knew I needed something, because I tell you, people these days be trying to come for you! But… God had to teach me, to stay calm, trust him, and let the peace that passes all understanding rule in my mind, in my emotions, and in my soul.

God will always give you what you need to overcome the battles of life. He gave David a sling and a stone. He gave Moses a staff to part the Red Sea. He gave spit and dirt to heal a blind man’s eyes. All these are just examples of how God takes care of His children.

Learn to take action, to take your thoughts into captivity. Don’t allow the Devil to get the best of you. Yes, he may get a day or two of depression, but don’t let him get two months of depression out of you. God called you to live a life full of joy.

Remember, you’re already prepared for the battles of life. You just have to learn what tools and ammunition to start using to get to the victory dance.

God is not going to let you down, He hasn’t, He won’t, and He never will. We always let him down, but He never lets us down. We may not like how the situation is presented, but remember always, God knows what’s best and He will protect His children.

Remember these four simple steps and get your spirit and mind back right!

2 thoughts on “When you’re having a bad day…”

  1. So good thank u after reading this I get my victory dance girl I almost went on a two day depression but nope it was just a few hours I can’t allow fear to come Into my life

  2. Totally relate to this and letting bad days/moments/seconds, ruin my entire day!!

    Thank you for the 4 step reminder to stay on positive track!

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