My name is Vanessa Ramos.  I was born and raised in Palm Springs, California and currently reside in San Antonio, Texas.  Shortly after graduating high school I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada which has now become my second home.
I’m a  single girl with no kids, having spent the last seven years dedicated to my education.  During that time I got an Associate’s degree in Evangelism from Valor Christian College, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and my Master’s degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling,  both from Ohio Christian University.  Not sure if I feel a doctorates degree coming on just yet!  I have been very successful in corporate America, but my heart’s desire is to follow God and help His people.
I would rather be in the presence of God, than a nightclub.  There is nothing more satisfying to the soul then just a little bit of Jesus.  You see how I said “a little bit of Jesus” that’s because that is all it takes.   Just a touch of His garment and your life will be forever changed.
I have over 30 tattoos which all represent different seasons of my life.   One of them says: “My Life ~ My Message” and this is exactly what I want for myself. I want my life to be my message to others. Just because I am successful and I have degrees does not mean that I don’t still go through life and ALL of its struggles. I want to prove that what might look like a perfect picture from an outside view, has an inside story.  I want to be transparent and honest with my journey so that you can see God’s glory, God’s grace and God’s faithfulness in my life.
Yes, I am Christian. Yes, I am a woman of God. But, I am also “Jenny, from the block” (in J.Lo’s voice.)  I say this, because although my lifestyle may be different from others; I am still me! I am still Ness!

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