A letter to myself…

Dear Me,

We did it… We hit one year! Who would’ve known that we would make it to one year?! I know when God told me to start Braveheart a little over a year ago, I had no clue or idea how it was going to happen. But… God, was faithful to keep His word and proved that Braveheart was not a me thing, it was a Him thing.

So many doubts, so many moments of fear, something in me, wouldn’t allow me to throw the towel in; I couldn’t do it. There were too many lives waiting on me. Too many people needed to hear my testimony. I mean, I could possibly be the only hope others would have at a new life. This gave me the fuel I needed to keep pushing through.

I promised God that I would not act like I have it all together, because I don’t. I’m emotional, I’m sensitive, I get angry, I get mad, I lose hope sometimes, but God is always the constant one in my life, and because He has been consistent in my life to NEVER let me down, the least I can do is try and repay Him by living my life how He has called me to live.

My life is my testimony to help others. I don’t go through this life for myself, I go through this life to help others, and that right there, makes it all worth it in the end. All of the good and the bad, has been worth it, and I will continue to endure the pain, the struggles, and the joys of life, because I know I have the victory in the end. I know God will pull me through once again.

All of the pain I experienced, all of the hurt I’ve experienced, all of the betrayals I’ve faced, all of the enemies I’ve gained, all of the friends I lost, all of the tears I’ve cried, I mean all of it, has been worth it. I know many wouldn’t say this, but it’s the truth, and the Lord knows I mean it will all of my heart; I wouldn’t change any of it!

Tears are welling up in my eyes, as I reflect back on the past year. It hasn’t been easy, its been very difficult at times, but because I know the call on my life, I will continue to face life and pick myself back up again. Why? Because my life is not my own, it’s His to use so that I might help others!





One year down, and so many more to go. This was a tough year for me, but it has ended with pure joy. Pure joy, to know God has entrusted me with His children to help give them hope, and a future, to let them know that just because they have a broken heart, does not mean life is over, it means that it’s still beating, and they still have a future. So, get ready, because year two is about to get better. Remember these five things:

1. Always keep “your focus” on God ~ through the good and the bad
2. Don’t let man steer you away from what God “has called you to do”
3. Keep “God’s” vision for your ministry
4. Keep your “faith and trust” in God ALWAYS
5. Someone’s “new beginning” is waiting on you!

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