Braveheart is a ministry that I started back in the summer of 2013. I started it to bring Hope, to bring Encouragement, to bring Faith, that even though a heart has been broken, it still has a beat, it can still overcome.

I want Braveheart to be the encouragement that somebody else, needs to go ahead and move on with their life or to go ahead and pursue their dreams because life doesn’t end at a broken heart.

So, even though your heart has been broken, it still has a beat.

That beat is a sign that God still has so much more for you. It’s a sign of hope, it’s a sign of encouragement, it’s a sign of overcoming the hardest battles that you feel that you have faced.
Even after it all, God still has something in store for you, He still has a story, He still has a Braveheart story.
Braveheart is more than a ministry, it’s a movement, if my story can help you, your story can also help someone else, by sharing our stories more women can come into God’s hope and find their Braveheart!

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