Who’s on your team?

I get asked all the time how am I successful at doing the things I do. There are several reasons, a few of which I’ve written about already, but this week, I’m going to focus on “team!”

Definition of a team:
verb. Come together as a team to achieve a common goal.

Definition of support:
A thing that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright. (noun) Give assistance to. (verb)

I gave these two definitions because I wanted you to have a solid foundation of what team really means.

It is so vital that one has a support team to help them through life. I have a team for different aspects of my life. I have a support team for my spiritual life, I have a support team for my business, I have a support team for my job. All of these things are important in my life, and I have people in place to help me through these things.

My business is successful because I have a support team to push me when I don’t feel like going forward. My team gives me advice and helps me plan out my calendar and to do lists.

In my place of employment, I have a support team that helps me achieve my goals. They also help me and guide me in my career moves.

My spiritual life, I have a support team that keeps me together. This is a team of people who care for my soul and who can check me and encourage me when needed, as well as congratulate me when needed.

In order for you to be successful, you need to be consistent, you need a support team, and you need accountability. But, your support system is there to uphold you, and give you the support you need when it feels like “that thing” is crashing down.

My level of success has come from a support team that refused to give up on me or my dreams. It is vital to your success, your dream, your career, to get a support team who will walk it out with you.

God created a “helpmate” for Adam which was Eve. I know everyone looks at this as a husband and wife reference, but if you think about it, it is still a representation of “help.” Even God knew how important it was for people to have help.

Let’s also look at Paul and Timothy in the Bible. Paul and Timothy’s relationship went from mentorship to help mate. The point I’m trying to make here is that if God thought it was important to send a “helpmate” then you should look at it as important to have a “support team!”

You don’t have to do life, or business alone. Do it with a team and see how much further along you get. Plus, it’s always fun to celebrate your victories together and always good to have them pass you the tissue when needed.

So, who’s on your team?

If you don’t have a team, don’t feel discouraged…. Get to building it!!!