Moving Lessons…

Many of you who have been keeping up with my blogs know that I was moving to Memphis. I made the official move Saturday. The drive was a long twelve hours, but I wanted to share with you a few conversations that I had with the Lord. Hopefully, this will give you some inspiration and encouragement for whatever life situations you are facing at the moment.

Conversation One: During the last hours of my packing, I started to get really sad and depressed. I was leaving behind a well-paying job and some really great friends. It was still dark outside when I left for Memphis. As I was driving alone in my car, I started to think about everything I had built, and here I am leaving it all to start over. As I continued to drive, the sun started to come out, and light started to appear. And, just like that, I heard the Lord speak to me and say “Joy comes in the morning.”

In my dark hours, I was sad, but it didn’t last. As soon as the light came, I got excited about the things that I was expecting God to do in this new season of my life. So, don’t get discouraged in the dark hours because light will soon appear and joy will invade your soul.

Conversation Two: I was on the road listening to worship music, and I heard the Lord say to me “you see how you’re looking out your front windshield? You see how big it is?” I said yes, Lord. He said, “look into your rear view mirror; you see how small it is?” I said yes Lord. He said “your rear view mirror shows how small your past is and the things you are leaving behind. As you stare into your front windshield, that’s how big your future is going to be. So, keep looking forward and continue chasing after me, and you will see how big and bright your future is compared to your past.” I started to cry because God knew what was in my heart and He knew what I needed to hear. Moving is never easy for me, but chasing after God is always a must no matter costs.

Conversation Three: The last thing I want to share is about God’s promotion. One of the first questions people asked me was where I would be working once I moved. I let them know I would be transferring with my job, but not at the management level I’m at now. I would actually be taking a demotion. Many people told me I’m crazy for taking the demotion. But… I knew that even though I would be taking a demotion in man’s eyes, I’m really taking a promotion in God’s eyes.

I can remember during one of my prayer times the Lord told me that my move to Memphis would be taking me to the next level that He has for me. Now, I knew God wasn’t speaking about promotion with my job, but He was talking about my spiritual promotion. I knew that although I was taking a demotion in man’s eyes, God would be elevating me in the spirit realm.

Sometimes you will have to take a demotion in the physical so that God can promote you in the spiritual realm. I don’t know how His blueprint looks for this, but I do know His voice, and I do know that He will not go back on what He says. In my eyes, my physical demotion is worth my spiritual promotion, because man can take your promotion away, but when God promotes, no man can take that away.

I share these lessons with you because I want you to see your situation from a new perspective. See it from God’s perspective. Your windshield situation is bigger than your rear-view situation.