Hustle Hard…

The other day I was thinking to myself that maybe I shouldn’t post all of my business. I didn’t want people to get annoyed with me, start blocking my page, or even gain haters. As I was contemplating with myself the Holy Spirit simply said to me “they didn’t see your sacrifice. They didn’t see the seeds you have sown and planted. They are just getting the proof of your harvest.”

This statement literally brought me to tears. The Holy Spirit was right, a lot of my followers don’t truly know my sacrifice. They don’t know how I gave up my family over 10 years ago to chase after God and all He has for me.
I gave up holidays, I gave up gatherings, I gave up funerals, and birthdays, graduations, etc. I’ve sown seed after seed expecting a harvest. I have sown seeds in tears and not just in monetary things. All of my heartbreaks (granite some were my fault) were even seeds. Either way, there have been months and years that I never saw a harvest.

I would continue to ask God when is this going to happen. When is that going to happen? I can’t even say I waited patiently because I sure did press God with some things; just being honest!

I came to this conclusion; no one knows your hustle like you do. No one knows your sacrifice like you do. No one sees the tears you cry at night. No one knows your prayers. Your hustle is your hustle. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

My hustle is my hustle. My hustle isn’t for everyone. My harvest is only for me! I share my story, because I want to tell about how good God is in my life and all that He has done for me. My harvest is God’s present to me.

I never gave up, even though I wanted to plenty of times. I kept chasing. I kept going when He said go. I kept saying no to those things I didn’t need. I also had to start giving people a no response. I kept pressing when all odds were against me. I kept my faith even when I had every right to throw the towel in.

Why? Because I wanted more of God. I wanted the things of Him at all costs. Even when it’s hard and it’s easier to tell God “no” you have to dig deep within yourself and know that God’s ways are always better than man’s way.
So, I write this week’s blog to tell you… Hustle Hard at all costs and never apologize for it!

Your hustle will be rewarded. Your hustle will be seen. Your hustle will make a difference. Don’t give up. In due time your hustle will produce a harvest that no man can take credit for. It will be a God thing.

Your hustling never goes unseen in God’s eyes. He keeps a record of all your hustling days and will reward accordingly.