The Royal Romance – Harry and Meghan

In the beginning, I didn’t understand what the big talk about their dating life was all about; until now. I’ve been at home sick, watching a lot of T.V., of course when I’m not doing homework. I happened to come across their “Royal Romance” movie and their “Royal Rebel” segment. I’m such a fan of them now. I just love them and they give me hope on finding true love.

Meghan is 36, bi-racial, she’s a divorcee and is this big time actress. I think I love her so much because she reminds me of me. I feel like we have so many similarities. She’s worked hard for what she has, she wants to make a difference in the world, and she wants true love.

Harry is 33 and a prince of Wales. He was born into royalty. He lost his mother at the age of 12. He was known as the son who liked to party. He was constantly in the tabloids for his lavish partying.

These two were set up on a blind date from a mutual friend. They dated, got engaged, and are set to be married after about a year and a half of being together. There’s no time limit when you know without a doubt that you have found that special person.

Now that I have given you a bit of a background about them, I will share some thoughts that I’ve gained through their story.
1. Meghan knew what she wanted and she was ready and willing. She knew she wanted a love story. She was ready and positioned herself to date. She was willing to keep an open mind.
2. She stood her ground and her beliefs even when it came to dating a prince. One part of the movie, he was 40min late to their first date and she called him out and asked for an apology. She didn’t change her work ethic or who she was to just be with him. She stayed true to herself despite dating a prince.
3. They both lost a lot. Meghan lost in love before and her dad to an extent. Harry lost his mom. Even despite their losses they still had a strong hope and desire to find love.
4. True love can change someone’s life. Meghan was good for Harry and vice versa. Let’s take it a step further, when we experience God’s true love, it changes us.
5. Sometimes your life is bigger than you know. Meghan was destined for this and she never even knew it. God’s plans for us are always bigger then we can imagine. We just have to be patient and walk it out.
6. They both want to change the world, but they won’t change who they are, because society and tradition tells them too.

The “royal” story has really brought me hope, knowing that it doesn’t matter what we’ve been through, when it’s time our destiny will collide with our reality. The only thing that is required of us, is to walk out our life and let it come to pass.

Love is a powerful thing and it can really change a person. God’s true love for me changed my life. People’s lives become better when they find true love.

Meghan is 36 and she finally got her love story. It’s possible that you can still get the prince or the princess of your dreams. We can’t lose hope, because society says we should be a certain way by a certain age.

Take this week as encouragement and some hope that love is still possible, despite your age, your past, or even your present. When it’s meant to happen, it will happen. But, a key factor in their story, is that they both didn’t settle. They kept fighting to find a love that would change things and they both found it.

She didn’t change who she was, she stayed true to herself and that’s what Harry loved about her. So, take note, you don’t have to change to fit someone’s “type” if you’re meant for them they will love all of you just the way you are. You are meant to be great in your “you!”

As I’m still believing for a God sent husband who is praying for a wife, I will continue on being me and doing what God has called me to be. When He allows that man to enter into my reality that’s when we will do great works for God’s kingdom. I’m not just believing this for myself, but I’m believing and praying this for you as well!

Keep believing, keep fighting, keep your focus, and be patient! God see’s all, hears all and knows all. Position yourself, be willing to be open, and be ready. That special one is coming!

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