You have to be colorblind…

At work we have this area called the customer relaxation area that has a TV for customers to sit and wait. I don’t really pay attention to the T.V. since my male co-workers usually have it on ESPN. However, on this day, I happened to walk by and I caught the ending of a commercial.

I can’t recall what the commercial was about or have yet to see it again. The only part I heard on this commercial was that they were talking about dogs and how they were colorblind. I know they tied it into a product they were trying to sell.

When I heard this, I immediately thought to myself, if we all acted like dogs, how much better this world would be. Now, let me say this, I am a dog lover, so I may be a bit biased. I know some of you reading this may not like dogs and not care about what I’m going to say, but hear me out…

When you think of the characteristics of a nice dog, you think of a dog running up to you with its tail wagging, meaning it’s happy to see you. You can yell at a dog, discipline it, and a few moments later, you can call the dog over to you, and it acts like nothing ever happened. Dogs can also be your protector and can be loyal.

To tie it all together, if we resembled the characteristics of dogs to one another maybe we wouldn’t have so much racism in the world. Imagine if we looked at everyone in the same shade of color. If we did this maybe there wouldn’t be such a division between cultures or races. Maybe we would actually be nice to each other and be happy to see one another, just as a dog is happy to see a person. As a dog quickly forgets, imagine if we quickly forgave a person after they hurt us. If we did this maybe there wouldn’t be so much violence or hatred towards one another.

We have to start being each others protectors despite color or race. We have to be loyal to humanity. God didn’t create a world of racism, hatred, and violence. When He first created the world, its original intent was to be of peace, love, and no sin.

If we could start looking at each other differently, maybe we can make this world a little bit better. I know, racism, hatred, or violence, isn’t going to stop, but if we can change our perspective on things, we can make the world a little bit better; one person at a time.

If one person changes their perspective, they can train up others to have the same perspective. A small dent of positivity is better than no dent at all. The small dent could possibly lead to bigger dents and bigger changes. Help with the change in this world. Change first starts with you. If you change, then the ability for others around you have a higher probability of change!

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