In order to be successful…

Everyone seeks success in some way or another. One’s success may not be another’s success, but one thing I’ve learned about success is that it’s a continual thing. Once a goal is reached, another goal is set and the cycle continues. There are different levels of success, and as long as you make it a continual thing, success will remain.

In order to continue to reach a level of success, you must grow with the times and the seasons. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven..”

Seasons come and seasons go, but there is a season for everything. There is a season to plow, there is a season to plant, and there is a season to reap the harvest. It’s a process, it’s a continual thing that happens season after season.

You also have to renew your mind daily (Romans 12:2). In fact, multiple times throughout the day. You renew your mind as time changes, as you grow in wisdom, and as you grow spiritually. Your mind has to be continually transforming in order for one to succeed. You can’t have a five-year-old mentality at the age of thirty. We must get away from drinking milk and get into eating meat. Remaining the same promotes no growth, and only leaves you stagnant.

Stagnation isn’t equivalent to success; it hinders it.

Transformation is something that’s continual. God created us to grow into the things we are called to do and be. Even though we enter into different seasons the one thing that should remain the same is making sure we are doing what is pleasing to God.

When we make sure we are lined up in God’s will for our life, it will make those things that seem difficult easier to endure, because we know that we are right where God wants us to be in that specific season. If we stick with this mentality, growth and success will follow. There’s no success with no growth.

Remember once you reach a level of success, another level comes for you to conquer, and there will be new obstacles for you to overcome. Success doesn’t come from eating cake and ice cream. Success comes from overcoming battles and claiming your victory!