Diamond in the rough….

As some of you may know I recently got engaged over the holidays and all I can say is that I have the most gorgeous ring. My fiancé did a really great job of picking the perfect ring for me. We had random conversations about rings with me not knowing his agenda. I’ve done my homework on rings, so I knew the type of ring I wanted and the type of diamond I wanted. I gave the guidelines unknowingly and he did the rest.

Of course, I got a lot of people congratulating me as well as commenting on my ring. Some of the most common have been “it’s perfect,” “it’s gorgeous,” “it’s so shiny!”

The funny thing is that I don’t wear it to work. I only wear it on special occasions. The reasons being, I don’t want to scratch it or mess it up. I know he spent a lot of money on it, and I don’t want to lose it or get robbed! Lol. Most importantly, I don’t want it to lose its shine.

One day someone asked me why I don’t wear it to work and I told them my reasoning. They proceeded to share with me that their ring was triple the carats of my ring and they have had no issues wearing it. Of course, I began to examine the ring and although the ring was “bigger” in size than my ring, the diamonds weren’t as shiny as mine.

This is when I realized that anyone can say they have diamonds, or they are a diamond, but what is your clarity level, what is your shine level? So many people are saying “I’m a diamond,” but are your actions producing a shine or just…a glare?

There are 4 C’s to a diamond; cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These 4 C’s make up the value of a diamond. The two most important are the clarity of the diamond and the cut of the diamond. Then there are 5 different clarity levels. The lowest being you can see visible characteristics whereas the higher the clarity goes, the harder it is to see the characteristics with the normal eye. The cut helps in producing the shine. A diamond has to be cut a certain way for it to shine bright and keep its shine.

Although the person may have had more carats than my ring, my ring was worth more. I had the second to the top clarity level, my cut produced more shine, and stood out more. Yes, the ring may have been bigger in size and carat, but my ring was valued higher by the clarity level and cut.

I’m saying this to say, don’t be a rock with a glare, be a diamond that is cut perfectly, so that the shine can last and be seen from across the room. Make yourself stand out, take the cutting, take the molding, but make sure to not give in to the process. It’s the process that produces the diamond. It’s the process that produces the shine.

The shine cannot come if the clarity level and the cut level don’t come into agreement. Make sure your clarity and your cut produce your perfect shine this year. You were meant to stand out, you were meant to be seen from across the room, you were meant to be pricey.

Don’t be a diamond in the rough, be a diamond that shines! Remember, your clarity and your cut will produce your diamond and your shine this coming year. Go ahead and shine BRIGHT…

Shine Bright


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