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Weathered Enough

Hey friend, how are you?! My name is Vonda Royal, I am the Founder of Unfiltered Ministry and it is my honor for you to sit and read with me! I hope you enjoy this and that it encourages you, tears you apart, and builds you up more strengthen in God!  Sit back, grab a coffee, laugh, cry, and enjoy!

The reason why we go through seasons is because it’s God’s way of making sure we are weathered enough for our purpose.  Rain prepares the field, growth. Storms establishes nature, whatever is weak gets removed. Restoration in foundation comes as well, there’s restoration in the rebuild. 

So, storms are actually vital to our being especially when walking out the will of God.  Jesus and Peter are leading examples in their encounter, Jesus is walking out on the water (like it’s the norm thing to do, because His natural is the supernatural! Ha!) coming from the mountain after praying and the disciples see a figure and they’re freaked out because they think it’s a ghost! But then they realize, no its just Jesus doing His thing again being all super to His natural self!  During this storm Peter is like “Jesus! Holla at ya’ boy to walk on water! Cause anything you can do I can do better!” (Paraphrasing of course) Jesus says come, so Peter is getting his foot over the edge of this severely rocking boat, and he takes his big toe to test to see how cold the water was before he fully immersed his faith on the water. Oh, I meant foot! Before he fully immersed his foot into the water! (Again, paraphrasing of course.) He steps out of the boat like a baby trying to walk on water for the first time, (because that’s how babies learn to walk) he’s, looking at the storm in the sky, then looking at Jesus with his arms out telling him to come, then he’s looking back at the storm telling him to get back in the boat.

Side note/question: Have you ever been in such a bad storm that, that thing tried talk you into getting back in the boat? Getting back in to your comfort zone? Getting back with that guy/girl who abused you? Going back to the job you hated so much & God told you a long time ago to quit because He knows the plans He has for you, but you told God that the money was good enough for now?! I just wondered, it’s so easy to go back to what we know and continue in that hell we are in because we are too afraid to face what God has for us knowing it’s better, but it’s out of our control. I’ve got a word for you, step out of the boat.

Ok back to the original thought, Peter is walking well aware of his environment and fear begins to creep up in his heart, doubts running though his mind like a marathon and then…Matthew 14:30 says Peter cried out saying “Lord, save me!” You ever drown yourself so far in doubts you created, you know the only way to get out is by saying “LORD, SAVE ME!” “I KNOW I GOT MYSELF IN THIS MESS BUT I NEED YOU TO GET ME OUT CAUSE I CAN’T SAVE MY SELF!” “HELP!” In his loving kindness and gracious heart, Jesus extends His hand toward us. Like Peter, Jesus pulls us up and out of the water, out of our doubts and makes us stand again. I just love Jesus. It’s ok to go through the storms of life, there are some things that have to be weathered within us for us to become more mature in Christ to walk out the will of God for our lives. You can’t be weak in your purpose and expect to be successful. No, you’ve got to be weathered.

Daughter/Son you are being weathered for such a time as this. What do I mean by weathered, in a storm some things like houses or cars can still withstand the storm, but has some wear and tear on it from when debris was flying in the air and hit the car so hard it cracked the windshield, or hit the side of the house where it caused deeply plunged scratches on the side of the house. Those “cracks” and “scratches” are there to remind you and the devil that you made it through the storm. That you are enough to withstand the winds and the debris! You are not only tough as nails, but you are tougher than Hell! God formed you in your mother’s womb knowing the storms that you’d face, but daughter I am here to declare to you that You are not just a conqueror, YOU ARE MORE! You are called, you are equipped, and you are capable! Every good and perfect gift comes from above, so next time you are in the midst of a storm WALK ON THAT WATER AND SNAP YOUR FINGERS AND TELL THE ENEMY “I’M HEAVEN SENT BABY, CAN’T TOUCH THIS! LAY DOWN THAT HAMMER! YOU WERE BORN FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! YOU WERE BORN TO WALK ON THE WATER!  YOU ARE WEATHERED ENOUGH!

– Vonda Royal

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