Are you a Dime Piece?

This week I was going to write a funny meme, but I decided to write a blog about it. There was too much to say to define it. You may think I am speaking to all the singles out there, but I dare you to keep reading until the end. This will be for you too.

I want to pose this question to you. Are you a nickel or are you a dime?

Everyone wants to be a dime right? Society has coined the phrase “dime piece” wanting people to count their worth to a dime and not a nickel or a penny. Dime representing 10.

Now if you’re a nickel, how are you going to be looking for that dime? You have to be a dime to be able to recognize a dime. Although society has deemed this to be based on your appearance, I am speaking to you as a whole; your entire being.

Are you operating at a 10 level or are you operating at a 5 level? This makes a difference. If you’re only operating at the 5 realm than you’re never going to reach that 10 realm. You always have to operate where you want to be.

If you want to be a 10 then operate like a 10. If you’re operating at 5 and expecting that 10 pay or promotion, I have news for you. It’s a rare chance you’re going to get it. No manager is going to give you a 10 position with only you operating at a 5 skill set. They’re going to give the promotion to the person who is operating with the 10 skills mindset.

Now for my singles, if you want that 10, you have to make sure you’re that 10 as well. A dime piece is not going to want to be with a nickel. They want to be with someone who is on their level and is going to push them to the whole dollar!

You’ve heard that saying before “you are who you hang around.” If you want to be a 10 surround yourself with people who operate at a 10. You may not be at a 10, but I guarantee the longer you hang with them, the more you will start to take on their traits and mindset.

Now, if you’re not careful, if you are operating in the lower numbers, they can pull you down as well. So, be mindful of who you hang around.

Remember a dime piece isn’t about your appearance. It about having a dime piece mindset.

I challenge you, think about 2-3 people who you desire to be like. Study their habits, and their traits, then use that to jump start your position.

We are wonderfully and perfectly made in God’s image. God created us to be dime pieces. All we have to do is start operating like a 10!

Change your mindset and your actions will follow.

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