A loss can still be a blessing…

I know you automatically thought, how can a loss be a blessing? It’s all about perspective. Just because you lose something doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise and sometimes you have to lose to win again.

You only lose when you give up. If you lose and continue to fight, you may get a victory; that’s when it’s a blessing. Blessings come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. When you change your perspective on how you look at a negative situation, not only does this show maturity but also sets you up for victory.

Let’s take a look at the game of football. Just because a team may lose their first two games in the season, doesn’t mean they give up. What do they do? They review the game to see their weaknesses, and practice to overcome them. They repeat this over and over again. They don’t drop out of the sport just because they may have lost a game or two. They practice harder to become better. They practice to get a win on the board.

I know you may be feeling defeated right now. It’s the last month of the year, the holidays are here, and life may have hit you hard. You may have lost your job, you may have got into an argument with a family member, you may have experienced a heartbreak, whatever may have hit you, I challenge you to not see it as a loss, but as a blessing in disguise.

When you change your perspective, you give God the opportunity to operate in your life. Yes, life may seem tough, and it may hurt, but have faith and trust in God that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to be. That loss that you thought was a loss, guess what? It’s about to become your gain. It’s about to become your blessing in disguise.

You lost your job; but God is about to give you a better job with a higher pay rate. You got in an argument with a family member; this may be the opportunity that changes your whole relationship for the better. You experienced heartbreak; you’re about to get your joy back. Whatever it is, declare that it’s a blessing in disguise.

Remember that a loss is only a loss if you give up. God may be trying to do a new work in you, but you had to experience the loss you did to give you the gain you deserve. You lost something to only gain something.

I always talk about the story of Job in The Bible. He lost it all, his family, his land, his animals, and his health. Although it looked like he lost it all, he was getting set up to gain a lot more. He got double for his trouble. He was blessed with more than what he lost, because he kept his faith, trust, and focus on God.

Don’t let your loss be your loss. Change it into your blessing. God works in mysterious ways, and sometimes He has to get our attention in mysterious ways. No matter what happens, or how it happens, know that God will always take care of you. He will replace what was lost, and He will honor your sacrifice, and give you double for your trouble!

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